Current Series : WHAT THE WHAT?



Church.  When you hear the word what comes to mind?  At Narrate we like to gather on Sundays to wrestle with topics like relationships, dating, marriage, parenting, purpose, work, finances and the many emotions that come with living. Every Sunday we create experiences intended to engage and challenge – no matter what you believe about God, Jesus and the Bible.

We gather at the Grandstreet Theatre in Downtown Helena (325 N. Park Ave).  Sunday experiences are at 8.30, 10 & 11.30am.

What should you expect at a Sunday experience?  Every week we start with a handful of songs led by our excellent band of musicians.  After about 15 minutes of music one of our pastors will teach for 35 minutes and we almost always conclude with another song.  Coffee is free and we promise there’ll be no unwanted hugs.

Narrate Kids provides age appropriate experiences for infants thru 5th graders.  For more specific information (class breakdown, security, etc.) about Narrate Kids please click the Narrate Kids link at the top of the page.



Current Series : WHAT THE WHAT?


“Laugh often and dance like no one is watching.”  What the what?

“Be your own kind of beautiful.”  What the what?

“Wish it.  Dream it.  Do it.”  What the what?

This Sunday at Narrate we’re launching a whole new series called What the What?  Our hope is to explore what drives us.  Narrate gathers at the historic Grandstreet Theatre in downtown Helena every Sunday at 830, 10 and 1130am.  For more information visit, find us on Facebook or download our podcast from the iTunes store.


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The Other 6 Days

We’re serious about being the kind of the church that exists for the benefit of its non-members… to the extent that the most ardent critic of Christianity would be bummed if we suddenly ceased to exist. We seek to make this happen both by validating the opportunity to serve people in our everyday, organic lives as well as by coming together once every month to serve on a large-scale, community wide level.  We call these community serving events “Scattering” opportunities.

Below are our upcoming scattering events.  If you’d like to scatter with us, please email our Scattering Events extraordinaire, Sara.


Playable Playgrounds

We are helping to construct a new playground on Main Street in East Helena, Saturday the 22nd August.

This is a kid friendly event running from 8am to 3pm and refreshments are provided.

For more information contact


families with heart

 Families With Heart is dedicated to improving the lives of disabled children and families in the underdeveloped country of Ecuador. The mission is to coordinate donations from sponsor families and direct the funds to specific needs of disabled children.

Families With Heart is seeking sponsorships of disabled/special needs kids. Sponsorships involve a minimum 3-month commitment of $30/month. General donations are also accepted. Funds are used for the specific needs of the disabled child/adult and may be directed toward physical, occupational, and speech therapies; medications; or basic needs if they are currently unmet. Sponsors/donators will be updated on progress every 6 months.

To become a sponsor or to find out more information about Families With Heart, you can;

Visit the website or email

Or you can contact  Noreem Oleary | 406.461.9129 or Theresa Huschka | 406.861.4970


Make a donation to Families with Heart



What's happening at Narrate

Activate 2014!

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Doubt Your Doubt

Caleb gave a great message at Sunday’s gathering entitled “Doubt Your Doubt”.

Check out this intriguing video teaser. You can listen to the message by clicking here.

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What The What?

“Laugh often and dance like no one is watching.”  What the what?

“Be your own kind of beautiful.”  What the what?

“Wish it.  Dream it.  Do it.”  What the what?

This Sunday at Narrate we’re launching a whole new series called What the What?  Our hope is to explore what drives us.  Narrate gathers at the historic Grandstreet Theatre in downtown Helena every Sunday at 830, 10 and 1130am.  For more information visit, find us on Facebook or download our podcast from the iTunes store.

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Narrate Kids values each child as an individual work of art made uniquely by God for God’s purpose. Accordingly, our goal is that children will learn and understand how their individual gifts and interests can be used to bring the kingdom of heaven to Earth. This begins when we join with parents to nurture each child’s relationship with Christ. In the classroom, it means exploring how God fits into their everyday life through creative expression, adventures in story telling, lively discussion, and deep reflection.

As a whole, each activity and lesson is designed to foster growth and understanding of who they are in Christ; that everyone brings something unique and beautiful into God’s community and everyone is free to dream big about how God would love the world through His people.

Each and every person is made unique (Psalm 139) and we want children to know that God loves their uniqueness. Everything from our looks, to what we enjoy doing with our free time, yet we are all one body. This uniqueness ties back into the ability for children to explore what they enjoy doing and how that activity plays a part in who they are.



Narrate Kids classes run every Sunday during the entirety of the 8:30, 10 and 11:30 am gatherings and are provided for children up through grade 5.

Babies and Toddlers

We create a loving environment for children 0 to 3yrs. We have lots of toys, balls, and books to keep your little ones stimulated. The volunteers will make sure that they get any special instructions from you regarding your child before you drop your child off.

We do have simple curriculum for these little ones each week that teach basic words and phrases about God’s character.  These children are introduced to structure through playtime, clean up, story time and snack, while experiencing consistent adult and peer relationships weekly. They learn several themes that are repeated throughout the year for consistency with the goal of teaching them that there is a God and feel comfortable saying His name and celebrating Him.


Preschool (those ready for structured learning, age 3 to 5yrs)

Children will learn foundational things about God, the Bible and how to treat people. This is where children will learn all about God’s story! The classroom with have activity centers, where children will be able to do simple experiments, draw, color, paint, or explore a concept.

These guys are little sponges that are waiting to soak up truths about Christ. They will learn through singing, story time and small group activities.

Small group time will consist of children briefly gathering to discuss how the lesson can be applied to their life. This time may look different each week, whether it is mostly discussion or a game is played to help kids understand how the lesson applies to them.

Elementary (K-5th)

These are the years when children really begin to own their faith, live it out, and discover they are part of God’s story. Teachers will welcome kids to Narrate Kids and engage them with a beginning activity or craft.

Large Group (K-5th)

Large group will start with singing.Children will have the opportunity to worship God through live music.
During large group, children will be engaged in the Biblical truth of that week which ties into the virtue of the month.

Small Group (K-2nd and 3rd -5th )
Small groups are a place for children to discover how the lesson of the day applies to their life and to process, journal, talk, and pray with their teacher and each other. Response time is often done during this time which involves arts, writing, activities, prayer, or projects. During small group teachers will read scripture with children, answer and pose questions, and relate to children by sharing their own stories of faith as they take them through the curriculum.
 This is important because if the child merely hears the lesson, but does not see or understand how it can be used in their life, then what good is it? There is a time to play, a time to reflect, a time to apply (Ecclesiastes 3).





Narrate Kids check-in is on the lower level of Grandstreet Theatre for babies and toddlers and at the studio building behind Grandstreet for preschool to 5th Grade (across the parking lot behind the theatre and through the red door).

Upon checking your child in, you will receive a security tag that has a number on it (ex. T-5). If you see that number appear on the lower right hand corner of the screen during service, please return to the kids area.



You must present a matching number tag to your child upon pick-up. We encourage parents to pick up their children by 10 minutes after the gathering.


We are committed to providing our families with a safe and secure ministry environment. Part of this involves volunteers who have been screened and cleared to work with children. Every volunteer working in Narrate Kids has gone through a background check and application/interview process to ensure that your children will be in safe loving environment.



The Place for Middle School and High School Students


High School

Non Fiction

Our goal is to create environments where students are encouraged to make wise choices even when its hard, be a positive influence to their friends, and experience personal ministry through serving others. The way we strive to accomplish this is by large group gatherings as well as small groups. Below is a breakdown of what large group gatherings and small groups look like.

Non-Fiction Gatherings

The first Wednesday of each month we’ve created a large group environment that attracts students just like you. We meet at the downtown Bagel Co 7:00pm – 8:00pm on the first Wednesday of each month. After all, we figure you want to be wherever your friends are! We make these types of gatherings as fun and relevant as we possibly can. The goal is for you to leave feeling energized and to go out there and tackle the weeks to come.

Non-Fiction Small Group Gatherings

Large group gatherings are just part of our high school ministry. We go one step further and do two things that we believe are vitally important for you, we pay attention to what’s going on in your life, and we care about you. This happens in our small group environments, where the weeks we don’t have a large group gathering we connect in a more intimate setting, talking, processing, and praying about what’s going on in your life.


Middle School


Is a dynamic Wednesday evening gathering where middle school students (6th-8th grade) gather to explore their relationship with Christ and others.  Sketch meets at the downtown Bagel Co 6:45pm – 8:00pm every Wednesday night. There is nothing stale about this gathering! Your middle school student will swiftly discover why students enthusiastically return each week to explore faith, friendships and accountability.


What a Sketch night looks like.

Sketch impacts your students through two types of environments every Wednesday. One of these is Large Group where all 6th-8th grade students first meet to interact in zany team games, engaging videos and learn from relevant teaching. The goal of large group is to set up fun and meaningful discussions during small group.

Small groups provide the fuel that drives students to make good choices during each week. Led by adult leaders, each small group connects in a more intimate setting, talking, processing, and praying about what’s going on in their life. Students also enjoy getting together outside of Sketch Gatherings with their small group leaders and small groups for additional fun, community service and personal/spiritual growth.

For more any and all questions about NON-FICTION and SKETCH, contact Caleb.

About Narrate

Our Beliefs

Our Wins

We define the win in three ways:


Get Involved

If you’re looking to plug in around Narrate, serving on Sunday morning is the way to do it! We have many options in many different areas and can accommodate most schedules. Our Gathering Teams include the Tech Team, the Band, Kid Team, and Host Team. If you would like to learn more about serving on one of these teams, please fill out an info card or swing by Guest Central. At Guest Central you can also learn more about serving on Wednesday nights with Sketch (middle school) or Non-Fiction (high school).


Prayer Team

We have a team of people who pray over the requests that are submitted at our Sunday Gatherings. If you would like to join this team and receive weekly emails with prayer requests, or if you have a prayer request you would like our team to pray over you can email



Giving is just one of several ways to support the vision of Narrate Church and to help us make a tangible difference in the Helena community and beyond. If you’re using this page to give, Thank You!  It’s a privilege telling God’s story with you.





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